Marketing Agreement

Boss Management Group LLC can provide Marketing services with a long term or short term Marketing Agreement. We would also include some or all Marketing Services.

Demographic and market research- Who is your guest or customer? We will do extensive market research to identify your target audience.

Marketing Plan- Proven expertise in creating quantifiable results through internal and external marketing. Work with analysis and use this information to create a results oriented marketing plan. We will provide creative marketing plans utilizing proven programs and out of the box thinking to implement traffic drivers to your operation. Both external and 4 wall internal marketing programs developed for your specific needs. We customize programs to increase your brand exposure resulting in more traffic to your asset and business.

Competitive market analysis- We will chart all of your direct and indirect competition. Analysis includes competitor’s location, operating hours, concept overview, pricing of like products, event information, specials, and promotions and seating capacities.

Marketing and Public Relations concepts/strategies- Our ability to create and then relay the “story” of your brand to the world through customized marketing and Public relations strategic campaigns and pitch plans.

Cross Promotions- Our goal is to find non competitive businesses who we can cross promote without exchanging money.

Event Calendars- When we take over a venue, we create an event calendar that consists of Bands, DJ’s, Theme Parties, and unique concepts to drive in business.

Sponsorships- We will bring in sponsors who will bring something to the table, without paying for it